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Travel educates, and those who travel do something for their personal and professional development.

We encourage your mobility abroad because the flexibility of studying online full or part time makes it easy for you to study and travel.

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Study abroad

Semesters abroad give you a new perspective on your field of study and often improve your foreign language skills “by the way”. Those who dare to take the step into a foreign country will noticeably develop professionally and personally – and later significantly increase their chances on the job market.

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Maximum freedom

As a student at INU, you enjoy the greatest possible independence in terms of time and space – ideal for combining your studies with a stay abroad! The INU APP plays the role of a digital educational companion that connects you with the university at any time, even when you are on the road. This allows you to study and gain valuable experience abroad at the same time.

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Language courses and excursions abroad

Whether you choose a short stay with an optional language course, take part in an excursion abroad or want to travel to your dream country as a “free mover”: INU supports your travel plans with valuable tips and contacts – and travels with you on your cell phone. All you have to do is find a pleasant learning environment.

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