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Our modern educational program offers you maximum flexibility and makes you completely independent of time and place. Full-time, part-time, part-time or part-time study: Everything is possible! Only you decide when you have time and peace for your studies - and when family or work come first.
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The study
for mothers and fathers

As a (working) mother or father, you have many responsibilities. Work, childcare and household management require a good organization of your everyday life, so there is often not much time for other things.

If you still want to study, part-time study at INU comes in handy as a modern educational option. The INU APP is your key to the university, you have access every day around the clock and from anywhere! Without fixed time limits, you decide when it’s time for a learning unit. This gives you the flexibility to study with a family or as a single parent.

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The study for caregivers

Need for care does not follow a timetable. But maybe as a family caregiver, you have your own plans and want to further your education?

Then studying online at INU may be the solution for you. Here you work on compact learning units “on your smartphone”, when and where your everyday life allows it – completely independent of time and place.

The digital approach offers great flexibility. In this way, INU makes an important contribution to ensuring that particularly committed people do not suffer any disadvantages as a result of their willingness to help.

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The study for professionals

It is best to prepare yourself personally and professionally for tomorrow’s professional requirements today. INU is a modern digital university and makes it easy for you to study part-time even while working. The INU APP is your personal study companion: it gives you access to essential content around the clock, every day. This way, you are completely independent in terms of time and space and can study without neglecting your professional obligations.

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