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Do you want... A course without a rigid time pattern that can be made to fit in with your other obligations?

INU has the solution: an innovative online study program that combines virtual studying and "on-campus" lectures with great flexibility in terms of time and space.
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Guiding principle

Success can be planned! You too can raise your qualifications to a higher level, opening up many new opportunities and laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling professional life:

“Design your Success”

To enable you to make the most of your opportunities, we have given studying a complete rethink. We provide most of the learning and study content online via the INU APP. This way, without a rigid timetable, you can always learn precisely when your daily routine allows. And you can also complete many of the annoying formalities that a degree program entails relatively quickly with the aid of the INU APP.
There is, of course, also a real “student life” at the INU for all our full-time and part-time students. Whenever you can manage it, you can attend selected classes on the campus in person.

Even if you are already in the middle of working life, or have a family or other personal obligations, you can use these options flexibly.

You can organize your studies at the INU to suit your needs.
You can study online, largely independent of time, but can also attend selected classes live on campus.
You can enjoy short or longer stays abroad, even entire semesters abroad, while continuing your studies at the INU using the “Study, Work & Travel” options.
You can complete a qualified degree without neglecting your other work or family responsibilities – or limiting your desire to travel.

In terms of content, the degree programs offered by the INU are geared to the demands that nationally and internationally operating companies place on their managers. Students undergo a future-oriented education in which learning and practice are closely linked. Graduates are thus ideally prepared for the kinds of challenges and tasks that need to be overcome in a globalized and digitized economy.

Even if an online study program makes you independent and turns your smartphone, tablet or laptop into a “lecture hall”, you are nevertheless interactively involved in the teaching activities and personally meet your fellow students and lecturers at numerous lectures and events on our campus in Cologne.

We attach great importance to the individual support of our students throughout their studies – and of course when it comes to preparing for their career start towards the end of their degree. The main focus of personal advice is then on the development of the application, initial career planning and the selection and networking of contacts with suitable employers. In doing so, we make our contribution to getting you, as a successful graduate, to the exact position that suits you best.

So: Design your Success!

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The INU offers innovative forms of online courses, in which you can combine virtual and on-campus learning!

State recognition & accreditation

The INU – Innovative University of Applied Sciences sees itself as an innovative online university where you can combine digital and real classes as well as various international options.
Here you can choose from future-oriented and practically relevant study programs and educational formats with up-to-date research and scientific references.


The INU – Innovative University of Applied Sciences, as a privately owned university based in Cologne, is officially recognized by the Ministry of Art and Science (MKW) of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).

Program accreditation

The three basic full- or part-time Bachelor’s degree programs are unconditionally accredited by the Foundation Accreditation Council until 31st March 2031.

The full-time INU study programs are also eligible for funding in accordance with Section 2 (2) of the Federal Law on Support in Education (BAföG).

by the ZFU

The INU’s distance learning programs are approved by the State Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) under numbers 1144322 to 1144522.

Start of studies: Summer semester 2023

On April 1, 2023, the INU started its online study operations and on-campus offerings in Cologne for the summer semester 2023 and enrolled the first students.

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Quality management

The quality management of the INU is a guarantee that, with us, you will be working through a course of high academic value to achieve a recognized and sought-after degree, and will be trained according to the requirements that nationally and internationally operating companies place on their managers.

In addition to this the quality management ensures the smooth running of all administrative processes.

Students of the INU have the possibility of a semester-related and recurring evaluation of all lectures and events, including all lecturers, via the INU APP.

The administration and service processes are in accordance with DIN ISO 9001. All administrative processes are regularly checked for quality and achievement of objectives. In the event of anomalies or deviations, further testing and corrective measures are initiated.

As even good things can be made better, we attach great importance to communication. Regular feedback from all students, lecturers and employees, and also from our cooperation and practice partners, enables us to continuously improve our services.

Should problems still arise, you will have several options to quickly bring about a solution or improvement in dialog with all those involved and responsible. You can seek a personal meeting with the lecturer, or contact the semester speaker, the dean of your degree program or the liaison lecturer.

Take advantage of your opportunities and actively contribute to INU quality management! Evaluate your lectures and enter into a dialog with your university and its representatives!

We aim to continually improve with your help.

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As a university of applied sciences the INU particularly focuses on practice-oriented research in conjunction with the latest scientific findings. This way you gain insight into everyday research as well as access to current scientific publications and studies. This opens up exciting possibilities for you to immediately apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to concrete questions.

The INU Institute, currently under development, is pursuing a similar approach. Here too, bridging the gap between theoretical science and practical research topics will lead to the development of application-oriented solution proposals, which can immediately be incorporated into teaching and the INU’s university business, as well as directly implemented by our cooperation partners and clients.

In an initial phase the INU will focus on the following areas of research in the field of tension between the human, technical and management elements:

  • Digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Psychology of change
  • Internationalization of business processes

Cooperation Partners

As a practice-oriented university for applied sciences, the INU is actively working on building a multidisciplinary and intersectoral network of national and international cooperation partners from business, research, associations, institutions and universities.

The goal is to be able to offer our students from the summer semester 2023 a selection of attractive organizations that want to get in contact with future INU graduates early on, are interested in supporting them through their studies and will, e.g., assign internships and assignments for practical projects.

On the one hand, the network will have concrete links to the INU study courses and the corresponding markets and industries, and on the other it will also be characterized by wide variety and interdisciplinarity.

As a representative of a company, association, institution, university or research facility, are you interested in becoming part of the INU cooperation partner network? Make sure you get the talents of tomorrow today!

Then please contact us at [email protected]

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Interested in team-oriented participation in the further development of the INU – Innovative University of Applied Sciences?

The INU offers a modern and team-oriented working environment in which we can jointly design the expansion of the university business, from academic teaching to all administrative tasks and services up to research activities.

Have we sparked your interest?

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