The INU - Study rethought

You want to ... a course of study without a rigid time frame that is compatible with your other commitments?

INU has the solution: an innovative online study program that combines virtual studying and "on-campus" lectures with great flexibility in terms of time and space.

Mission Statement

Success can be planned! You too can raise your qualifications to a higher level, opening up many new opportunities and laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling professional life:

“Design your Success”

To help you make the most of your opportunities, we’ve rethought studying. We make much of the learning and study content available to you online via the INU APP. This way, you can study without a rigid timetable whenever your daily schedule allows. And you can also take care of many of the tedious formalities that come with studying, without spending a lot of time, simply with the help of the INU APP.
For all our full-time and part-time students, there is of course a real “student life” at INU. Whenever you can arrange it, you are free to attend selected events on campus in person.

Even if you may already be in the middle of your career, have a family or other personal commitments, you can still use these options flexibly.

You can design your studies at INU the way you need them.
You can study online largely independent of time, but attend selected events live on campus.
You can enjoy short or longer stays abroad and entire semesters abroad while continuing your studies at INU through the “Study, Work & Travel” options.
You can complete a qualified degree without neglecting your other work or family commitments – or limiting your desire to travel.

In terms of content, the degree programs offered by INU are geared to the requirements that nationally and internationally operating companies place on their managers. Students undergo a future-oriented education in which science and practice are closely linked. Graduates are thus optimally prepared for such challenges and tasks as they have to master in a globalized and digitalized economy.

Even though online studies make you independent and your smartphone, tablet or laptop the “lecture hall”, you are still interactively involved in the teaching process and meet your fellow students and lecturers in person at numerous courses and events on our campus in Cologne.

We attach great importance to the individual support of our students throughout their studies – including, of course, when it comes to preparing them for their careers towards the end. Personal counseling then focuses on developing the application, initial career planning, and selecting and establishing contacts with suitable job providers. In this way, we make our contribution to placing you, as a successful graduate, in exactly the position that best suits you.

So: Design your Success!

Fit for the future

State Recognition & Accreditation

INU – International University of Applied Sciences sees itself as an innovative online university where you can combine digital and real events as well as various study abroad options.
Here you can choose from future-oriented and practical courses of study and educational formats with current research and scientific references.

According to current planning, the review process by the German Council of Science and Humanities will be completed in September 2022. Subsequently, state recognition as a university of applied sciences under private sponsorship is to be granted by the state of NRW by the end of 2022 in the event of positive accreditation.


State recognition and accreditation by the Science Council

Currently, the INU – International University of Applied Sciences, as a privately sponsored university with its future headquarters in Cologne, is still undergoing the “concept review process for non-state universities in the process of being founded” by the German Science and Humanities Council. The examination is a prerequisite for state recognition by the Ministry of Arts and Science (MKW) of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW).


Program accreditation & accreditation by the Accreditation Council

The evalag Evaluation Agency has already assessed the three undergraduate Bachelor’s programs in full and part-time and provided its assessment report without conditions for submission to the Foundation Accreditation Council. Formal program accreditation of INU’s degree programs is scheduled for September 2022.


Recognition of the study programs by the ZFU

The ZFU – Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht is responsible for the approval of distance learning courses. The authority examines the study programs assessed by the program agency with regard to the Distance Education Protection Act (FernUSG).
Formal approval is expected to occur during the fourth quarter of 2022.

Summer semester 2023

Planned start of studies: summer semester 2023

INU’s goal is to be state-recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia by the end of 2022. The necessary assessments and accreditation procedures have already been completed. Assuming a positive vote by the Science Council and the Accreditation Council Foundation, as well as the granting of state recognition by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, INU will begin its academic operations in Cologne on April 1, 2023, and enroll its first students in the summer semester of 2023.

INU is in the accreditation and recognition phase until the final granting of state recognition as a privately sponsored university by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. All study contracts concluded prior to state recognition by the State of NRW are subject to reservation. In the unexpected event that recognition does not occur, these study contracts will be cancelled no later than January 2023.

Quality management

INU's quality management is a guarantee that you will complete a course of study with high academic value, obtain a recognized and sought-after degree, and be trained in accordance with the requirements that nationally and internationally operating companies place on their managers.

In addition, quality management ensures that all administrative processes run smoothly.

Students of INU have the possibility of a semester-related and recurring evaluation of all lectures and courses as well as all instructors via the INU APP.

The administrative, service and support processes are based on DIN ISO 9001. All administrative processes are regularly reviewed for quality and target achievement. In the event of anomalies or deviations, further testing and corrective measures are initiated.

Because there is nothing that can’t be done a little better, we place great emphasis on communication. Regular feedback from all students, faculty and staff, as well as from cooperation and practice partners, enables us to continuously improve our range of services.

If problems do occur, you have several options to quickly find a solution or an improvement through dialog with all parties involved and responsible parties. You can talk to the lecturer personally, contact the semester speaker, the dean of your study program or the liaison lecturer.

Take advantage of your opportunities and get actively involved in INU quality management! Evaluate your events and engage in dialogue with your university and its representatives! Our ambition is to continuously improve with your help.


Duration of study 48 months

As a university of applied sciences, INU places particular emphasis on practice-oriented research in conjunction with the latest scientific findings. This will give you an insight into everyday research as well as access to current scientific publications and studies. This opens up exciting opportunities for you to apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills to concrete problems right away.

The INU Institute, which is currently being established, aims in the same direction. Here, too, the bridge between theoretical science and practical research topics will lead to the development of application-oriented solution proposals, which will immediately find their way into teaching and INU university operations, as well as being directly implemented by our cooperation partners and clients.

In a first phase, the INU will devote itself to the following research fields in the area of tension between people, technology and management:

  • Digitization
  • Sustainability
  • Psychology of change
  • Internationalization of business processes


As a practice-oriented university of applied sciences, INU actively works to build a cross-disciplinary and cross-industry network of national and international cooperation partners from business, research, associations, institutional bodies and universities.

The aim is to be able to offer our students a selection of attractive organizations from the summer semester of 2023 that would like to get in touch with future INU graduates at an early stage, have an interest in accompanying them through their studies and, for example, award internships and tasks for practical projects.

On the one hand, the network will have concrete references to INU’s degree programs and the corresponding markets and industries; on the other hand, it will also be characterized by a broad diversity and interdisciplinarity.

As a representative of a company, an association, an institution, a university or a research institute, are you interested in becoming part of the INU cooperation partner network? Secure the talents of tomorrow today!

Then please contact us at [email protected]


Interested in participating in the further development of INU - International University of Applied Sciences in a team-oriented manner?

INU offers a modern and team-oriented work environment in which we can work together to shape the expansion of university operations from academic courses to all administrative tasks and services to research activities.

Have we aroused your interest?

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